Sophisticated Giant

Documentation of Maxine Gordon's local book events for "Sophisticated Giant: The Life and Legacy of Dexter Gordon."

Part of Their World

I've worked as the swimming teacher at Country Day Creative Arts, a wild day camp in Metairie, Louisiana, for three years now. I've found I have a predilection for producing unexpected videos.

Wilson's Millions

A tip of the hat to John Wilson.

Deadly Animus

For me, any encounter with a dead animal - or the remains of one - is an occasion to photograph.

Visage of the Babysat

Kids, so often shot as they're treated - condescendingly - deserve their own collection. The title is a quiet nod to "Revenge of the Babysat," one of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes.

Pleasure Residents

I talked the Court13 major domo into hiring me to photograph the inaugural Always for Pleasure Resident Artists. Read More, ever treasuring their anonymity, opted to only have their work documented, found material flags spreading love around the city.

I'll Be Your Mirror

By posting up photobooths! I see you, and I'll show you the beauty you are. NB: My new web host doesn't support nudity, which may be the safest move for my subjects. But, let it be known, my camera and I welcome participants who are all levels of clad.

Set Stills

I'm that rare creature with a sound blimp - for hire!

Camera About Town

I'm a freelancer; one tool in my eternal duel against unemployment is picking up gigs shooting events.

I'm Right Here, Where Are You?

Photographs from my book for Tom Roma's Photo III. My response to my boyfriend's suicide was playing with the intimate embrace of the inanimate, and the possibilities of documenting myself as a lover might.

Long Live Their Love

An ever-expanding collection of wedding photography, with some of the ceremonies being fake.


Because not all les autres are hell.


Strongly spent may be synonymous with kept, but photography's forever.

Best Accompanied by Bánh mì

A day is well spent adventuring in New Orleans East's derelict Six Flags.


Excerpts from my 2008 independent study with Tom Roma. Accused of being 'a social creature,' he pushed me to pursue portraiture.

Your Life With Me

In which I collage myself lives I wish I had.

A Swell Way To Keep From Working

A tiny peek at my very first show; June 4, 2012.

Pinkham's Epistolarium

July 3, 2016: The Daniels are tender gentlemen geniuses who know how to give feelings their proper due; appropriately, they wrote back. I've worked with them (they can't ALL be strangers) and also know them to be exceptional dream bosses.